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ODP|NS: Monthly Update [4/8/21]

Posted by NickSenny - April 8th, 2021


The Open Door Policy (4/8)

As you may have noticed, or maybe you didn't, I did not post any new episode(s) of ODP today.

As mentioned on my last post, ODP is on temporary hiatus as I am finishing up other projects.

You will hear about those projects shortly.

In the mean time, I intend on bringing Genghis on some shows in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for some surprise appearances coming your way. Production on Episode 5 and others is still in progress.

For anyone just starting to listen, here is a playlist for the show.


Download and listen as well on Spotify and iTunes.

Make sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

If you would like to draw fan art of Genghis or any of our other guests, please do so and tag it as #ODPfart so we can check it out!

Nick Senny (4/8)

I share all of my recent castings and updates on my website. My particular blog posts can be found here.

Hot Topic (Cutouts Series)

I have been working for the past month or so on my first "official" animation. It is not, however, technically your standard "animation" style, so I do not feel as though it warrants attention for that particular aspect. What is important about it is the vocal performances and aesthetic. Considering I am hardly an animator, I am only capable of so much, so I must incorporate a unique style in order to make up for a lack of experience.

There is an ultimate purpose to releasing these upcoming short "cartoons," or what will be referred to as "Cutouts." I feel as though not enough attention is brought to those behind the scenes or small pieces of a larger project: the writers, the voice actors, and the concept of sound design. Within these "Cutouts," I will be bringing the faces of the performers front and center, in order to provide them with the recognition they deserve. Voices alone are capable of telling a story, but with added, limited visuals; one can truly appreciate how important such performances are. Sound design, as well, sometimes tends to take the backseat. By experimenting with sound design that coincides with visual cues, I hope to continue to improve my expertise within audio engineering.

I will likely use either original skits written by fellow friends, or take skits from the Newgrounds Voice Acting Collabs and adapt them visually. This "cutout" from a larger piece allows for particular performances to shine and be given a spotlight that otherwise might have been overlooked. I intend on focusing primarily on comedic skits and horror. You will understand shortly why only these two categories will work for the style.

The first "Cutout" to be released will be written by @Bro-son33, acted by myself, @JoshDytonVO, and @EmilyGoVo


Nattosumi / SepticSebi's Upcoming Cartoon

Production is close to finishing for @Nattosumi and @SepticSebi 's cartoon written by @Bro-son33 .

Line-work has been completed and coloring is currently in progress.

These two individuals have been working diligently in order to create one of their best works yet.

Please follow these two individuals both on Newgrounds and their respective Instagrams.

You might know Nattosumi from his work in How to Bomb the U.S. Govt.



They have proven to be incredibly great friends and I am incredibly gracious to have met them.

I see great potential in both of them, and believe both of them have very bright futures in art / animation.


Newgrounds Podcast April Fools Day

For anyone who tuned in to listen to PsychicPebbles on @TheNewgroundsPodcast , I'm so sorry.

You likely had the pleasure to listen to @squidwardtesticles @CutToTheChase @Proceed and @HarpyCarp play really annoying and grating characters to rustle your jimmies. If you happen to be a fan of art, you likely also enjoyed Harv-E and his many NFTs.

In the near future, myself and @JoshDytonVO hope to have an upcoming episode alongside @VoicesByCorey to speak about Cerberus and our intended future together.

Other Castings

In addition to the castings I have mentioned in my previous update...

  • I will be voicing Stan, Kyle, and Kenny in @TheBestNerd 's upcoming South Park animation.
  • I will be voicing Pico in an upcoming animation for Pico Day.
  • I will be voicing and singing in an upcoming Willy Wonka / Breaking Bad Parody by @Nichols .
  • I will be voicing in @SonnyFern 's upcoming Werewolf Horror animation.
  • I will be acting as the backup for Croc Hernandez within @LittleRainySeasons 's The Blue Ferret Kids.


I will be using this section of my updates to inform whether or not my previous goals have been met.

Goal Update:

  • FAILED (156 -> 172): Reach 200 followers on Newgrounds
  • FAILED (475 -> 481): Reach 500 followers on Instagram
  • PARTIAL SUCCESS: Make significant progress on ODP Episode 5
  • PARTIAL SUCCESS: Make significant progress on the Newgrounds Voice Acting Collab 2021 [P1]
  • SUCCESS (Cutouts): Make significant progress on a personal animation project to test the waters
  • SUCCESS (Practices / Bone Prop): Improve my diction / pronunciation in speech

Closing Remarks / Thank You's

As mentioned in my previous post, I was involved with a certain project that truly tested my patience and acting ability. As a result of my experiences and recent changes, I have learned what to look for / what to not look for in projects. I have garnered an appreciation for my work and will stand up for my self-worth. Rather than painfully attempt to meet unrealistic expectations for no pay, I will only be involved with fully professional, original projects. I have decided to not be involved with large scale fan projects any longer.

I'd like to thank @Bro-son33 for being a really cool dude and having a stellar sense of humor (and for being a monkey in a sailor suit).

And lastly, I'd like to thank you, for reading all of this.

Best regards,




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