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ODP|NS: Monthly Update [6/8/21]

Posted by NickSenny - 7 days ago


Nick Senny (6/8)

I share all of my recent castings and updates on my website. My particular blog posts can be found here.

Hot Topic (Newgrounds Voice Acting Collab 2021 P1)

An official Cerberus production, the 2021 rendition of the Newgrounds Voice Acting Collab has been released! A huge thank you to @TomFulp for featuring us on the front page with the big box banner! We smashed our previous record (~15k views in 1 year) in a matter of THREE DAYS with ~20k listens. We hope to continue this in our next installment!

I managed this year's collab alongside @VoicesByCorey and @JoshDytonVO, performing acting, editing, and sound design for 10 of the 15 skits. This is in addition to managing the creation / approval / modification of scripts, auditions, and castings. I might have to step back slightly in terms of involvement for the next part as I have a lot of personal developments going on currently (moving, relationship, personal projects), but I look forward to seeing who I will work with next!

The countless talented voice actors, writers, and composers within our collab are as follows:

@AnimalSpeakAndrews , @BobbyDubs , @Bro-son33 , @chitstain , @CutToTheChase , @Fersto , @Floppydish , @Fro , @JennyGlynn , @Jonas , @Jone-Of-VOC , @Kalieth , @KidKerrigan , @LuckyDee , @makestuff , @MegapiemanPHD , @MisterJames , @Nick-ThomasVA , @Phobotech , @Proceed , @PsychoGoldfish , @SailorSilverStar , @SeanOArtsAndVoice , @TeraVex , @ThatJohnnyGuy , @ZaPanda-VA

We couldn't do this without the voices of the community. Thank you to all who worked endlessly to ensure this could become a reality.

I'd also like to give a giant shout out to @DoctorGrambo for taking Cerberus' commission to create the project's banner ad. If you haven't already, go and rate / favorite / leave a comment thanking Tyler for his help.

Here is the collaboration if you missed it! We are currently working on publishing all of the skits individually, which will then be posted in a playlist for all to listen to!


PukeBomb (Dak's Big Bite / Doktor Panic! / Baggie & One Bad Dummy)

Thanks to the ever talented @nattosumi, our next cartoon has released!

A short fan animation for TikTok / Instagram's DakNSeth

"Oh, DaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaak!"

Doktor Panic! is a game we are working on with immense help from @plufmot

It is a frogger-inspired high-score based mini-game where you play as none other than The Doktor himself! Help Dr. Schmuck alleviate his patients with COLORFUL! poppy pills, while avoiding the coof germs and obstacles. Uh-oh, IBS!? What a load of BS! The good Dok just got finished devouring some gas-station schnitzels, so he NEEDS to take bathroom brakes, so don't forget to drop the kids off at the pool!

Super huge props to @plufmot for programming the game, as well as @nattosumi for making the sprites! @cyclonebreitmayer will be working on the soundtrack, while I will record SFXs and voice lines.

@septicsebi is working on one of our next animations revolving around a "child," a man, and his baggie.

@nattosumi is working on one of other next animations featuring our newest character: Seymour Smiles! Remember, Stay Smiling! We have a very special guest voice actor and can't wait to share with y'all the final product.






The Open Door Policy (6/8)

5 7. The Great Khan has informed me that there are some serious forces pulling him towards the Newgrounds offices. He said something about a pod-bean, a fish, and some sort of imp. I have no idea what he's referring to. So maybe you should keep your eyes peeled? Or rather, your ears perked? Your podcasts... Newgrounds'd?

Cyclone and I haven't really been looking at what's been happening in the news, but some "Xander" guy keeps calling us about a "development." Apparently he's been calling for months, but Vinny keeps accidentally deleting the recording while practicing his "set."

Production on Episode 5 and others is still in progress.

For anyone just starting to listen, here is a playlist for the show.


Download and listen as well on Spotify and iTunes.

Make sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

If you would like to draw fan art of Genghis or any of our other guests, please do so and tag it as #ODPfart so we can check it out!

Other Castings

In addition to the castings I have mentioned in my previous update...

  • I will be voicing Slinky and Ham in @WesMakowski 's Toy Story 2 Re-Animated collab
  • I will be voicing Alex Jones in @ForgeFrog 's upcoming fake ad project


I will be using this section of my updates to inform whether or not my previous goals have been met.

Goal Update:

  • SUCCESS (226 -> 311): Reach 250 followers on Newgrounds
  • SUCCESS: Finish the Newgrounds Voice Acting Collab 2021 [P1]
  • PARTIAL SUCCESS: Return to auditioning for roles and be casted for a larger project (Toy Story 2 Re-Animated, but I was reached out to, and I have not been auditioning much due to lack of time)
  • PARTIAL SUCCESS: Develop a healthy balance of work and social life / exercise (I've lost my diet regimen, but have met someone and am starting to socialize more, rather than sticking to my computer & Audition)
  • PARTIAL SUCCESS: Incorporate VA into my professional career (I've begun conversations with individuals in my corporation that create official training materials. They've stated they no longer bring in contractors for VA, but find workers internally. I stated I was willing to be the official voice and editor, and they are taking me up on my offer).
  • FAILED (529 -> 537): Reach 550 followers on Instagram
  • FAILED: Make significant progress on ODP Episode 5 (Other projects have taken priority)

By next month, I hope that I will accomplish the following:

  • Reach 350 followers on Newgrounds
  • Reach 550 followers on Instagram
  • Make significant progress on ODP Episode 5
  • Find a healthy balance between my relationship, work, and VA
  • Finish Nintendo High Episode 2, publish Nintendo High Episode 1 on Newgrounds
  • Grow relationship with new work contacts to ensure involvement in official voice-over for my major company's brand.
  • Resolve my living situation, so I am free from familial boundaries.

Closing Remarks / Thank You's

I have grown tired of the day to day continuous cycle within my career and life. Whilst I greatly enjoy having the funds to be able to pay off my student loans, I am reaching the completion of this task. My living situation is currently not ideal, as I am still living with my Father. This places me in an awkward situation, as I struggle to grow independently in my young adult life. As such, @cyclonebreitmayer and I have been searching for apartments in our area. While I would have preferred to move elsewhere like Texas / Florida, this is a happy medium for the time being. I hope that my career will shift further towards audio / VA as I continue to prove my worth in the industry. It will be two and a half years I have been at my current position, tomorrow. You take your first job, pick your second. I am not going to settle for anything less than what I feel as though will make me happy.

I have been submitting my resume to various locations in my area that deal with audio, with no luck. I even submitted emails / resumes / cover letters to a nearby professional wrestling promotion to see if they need an aspiring AV Tech, as well as Gearbox Studios. Perhaps one day, if I continue to will my dreams into existence, I will achieve my ultimate goals.

For any voice actors reading this, please be wary of predatory companies that seek to drain you of your funds in exchange for overpriced "classes" and sub-par demos. I mistakenly took an introductory class (not much in terms of funds, just like $40) that was being promoted by my nearby recreational facility on voice-over narration. I was ecstatic, as I hoped I would have met younger adults that shared similar interests as me in my neighborhood; or I would have connected with professional actors that I could treat as mentors. In the end, the apparent "ONLINE" class consisted of one voice acting "professional" shilling his $3k class, restricting us from interacting with any of the other classmates. I learned near to nothing, as he purely displayed pre-made videos and dodged any meaningful questions with smart-ass remarks. The only useful information I learned was to wear scarves in the winter, which I already do because I am a self-entitled, poser anti-hipster loser. As a result of this interaction, I feel inclined to start mass producing demos for my fellow VAs out of pure passion for the industry. If nobody is willing to give you opportunities, or will simply take advantage of you, fuck them. Take a stand, take action, and make your own dreams a reality by willing them into existence yourself through hardwork and determination.

I'd like to thank @plufmot for being super cool in helping us with the Doktor Panic! game out of the kindness of his heart. Really looking forward to playing his upcoming works. If you haven't already, please check out and buy his Steam game, Blue Boy: Bleeding Out, with pixel art by @Luis .

And lastly, I'd like to thank you, for reading all of this.

Best regards,




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i had to read all that to see my mention!

Oh shit sorry Luis, just figured I'd give you your credit. Really love the style in the game.