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Posted by NickSenny - 1 month ago

Hello all current and (hopefully) new followers,

Welcome to my first monthly Open Door Policy | Nick Senny update (ODP|NS).

Preferably pronounced Oh-Dee-Pee-Niss...

I intend on updating all of you on the current status of The Open Door Policy and my current voice acting achievements | hopeful goals. Expect these monthly around the 8th of every month.

iu_238475_7951599.pngThe Open Door Policy (2/8)

Currently, the first three episodes of ODP have been posted here on Newgrounds, with Episode 3 being just posted today. Please give it a listen if you have been following along. If not, please start listening! We're close to 1k on E1 and 2k on E2!

I have created a playlist that will contain all episodes of the show.

Make sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Also, please follow @cyclonebreitmayer if you have not just yet!


My intent for the show is to have 8 episodes per season, with a small break in-between the first four and last four episodes. This allows me to produce the show to its utmost extent and release them in a timely manner. Then, upon completion of a season, a longer break to plan and establish the upcoming season. When episodes are being uploaded, expect them to be placed here monthly on the 8th of the four consecutive months.

Fan Art / Suggestions

I'd also like to thank @CrashCanTheMan for drawing art of our newest guest, [King] Hollow Melvin (or at least a depiction of how he'd want to be displayed in one of his "animes"). Take into consideration that our guests, despite displaying themselves in one way or another, will continue to develop their personalities over time. Everyone deserves a chance to improve and find themselves. If you would like to draw fan art of Genghis or any of our other guests, please do so and tag it as #ODPfart so we can check it out!

If you have any suggestions for guests on the show, or places we should visit, please suggest and we will take it into consideration! As long as it's approved... by him.


Nick Senny (2/8)

I currently have numerous projects under my belt, with a lot more to come. I am incredibly excited to share them with you, if interested (as you are still reading this). I actually share all of my recent castings and updates on my website. My particular blog posts can be found here.

Hot Topic (SpaceQuest)

Episode 2 of SpaceQuest, made by @JoshDytonVO has been released, listen now! Featuring myself, Josh, and @VoicesByCorey. Josh produces this himself and does an absolutely stellar job, alongside the soothing but pumped music of @LDUK.

In terms of recent castings, they are as follows:

LuckyBoy (Thug)

While not a large role, probably one of my most professional to date. I will be playing a thug in Domenic Romano / DomRomArt's upcoming SCAD animation, LuckyBoy. I'd like to thank BrandyBuizel for casting me, as well. This acts as one of my most professional castings to date, considering the amount of individuals involved in the project, the production quality, and the talent I will be voicing alongside. It was actually one of my first direct live recording sessions.

The Blue Ferret Kids (Dukey Terbull)

I was casted as one of the main characters in @LittleRainySeasons / roboticdreamz's upcoming series, The Blue Ferret Kids. I am extremely looking forward to playing the shy, yet "brave" lion, Dukey, within this cheerful animation. I am looking forward to more original animated roles such as this where I can bring a character to life that has yet to be introduced to this world. If you would like me to be a part of your project, please feel free to reach out here or at sennysounds@gmail.com

Ace Attorney: Turnabout Jackpot (Apollo Justice)

I am more than thrilled to be given the lead role in this fan fully animated and written series based upon the Ace Attorney series. Among 200+ others, I was casted as the man himself, Apollo Justice. I'd like to thank LordIban and Looi for this opportunity, I will not disappoint. This is likely my largest responsibility I have been provided thus far, and I expect to prove myself worthy of this position. Join the other 4.7K subscribers and 70k+ viewers to their channel!

Other Castings

  • I will be voicing in @DannyGoodShirt 's upcoming Fists of Fulp collab.
  • I will be voicing in @BigTexasTony 's upcoming Metal Slug animation.
  • I will be voicing in @FriskyObriskey 's upcoming Sopranos animation.
  • I will be voicing in @GrayAnimations 's upcoming FatMan animation.
  • I will be voicing in @I-Co 's upcoming original animation (it's going to be stellar, follow them).
  • I will be narrating in @CacklingPumpkins upcoming YouTube Emo Top List.
  • I voiced in a couple of @SepticSebi 's animations, and will continue to do so.


I will be using this section of my updates to inform whether or not my previous goals have been met.

By next month, I hope that I will accomplish the following:

Closing Remarks / Thank You's

I really hope that I prove to be worthwhile of your attention here on Newgrounds (and outside). I anticipate continuing to increase my reputation within this site in order to potentially work in the future with some of my heroes. As such, I will continue to strive for excellence in my personal projects (ODP / SpaceQuest) and external castings.

I am acting as one of the head managers of the next Newgrounds Voice Acting Collaboration, and am certain you will all love it once production completes. Of course I'd like to thank my fellow managers @VoicesByCorey and @JoshDytonVO. I'd also like to thank all of those that I have been working with.

I'd like to thank @Jouste for drawing our Cerberus logo, that you will see shortly.

I'd like to thank Biggs for drawing my updated avatar.

I'd like to thank @Fro for always being by my side and supporting my works, as I am cheering him on in his upcoming Strongman Competition.

And lastly, I'd like to thank you, for reading all of this.

Best regards,




Posted by NickSenny - December 30th, 2020

[H]ello [E]veryone and potentia[L] new fans of OD[P]!

I sincerely appreciate you listening to my and @cyclonebreitmayer 's podcast.

I would like to thank @Fro and @TomFulp for giving us this chance by featuring us.

We take this as our opportunity to prove ourselves to this wonderful community.

Please consider following us for future updates.

Regarding Future Episodes

Currently, only Episode 1 is released on Newgrounds, as I am remastering Episodes 2 & 3.

But, you can listen to Episodes 2, 3, and 4 early on Spotify and iTunes.

Make sure to follow me here on Newgrounds to catch the recent releases!

You can also follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Inspiration & Efforts

This podcast is [H]eavily inspired by Justin Roiland's Grandma's Virginity Podcast.

[E]ach ep[I]sode we will be introducing a new, wacky gue[S]t as the underlying plot continues to develop.

Episode 3 in particula[R] signifi[E]s a gig[A]ntic jump in production qua[L]ity as I switched to Audition from Audacity.

Every episode is filled with full sound design for environments, as well as SFX to enhance jokes and punchlines.

The show began as a radio show at our university, but as I have increased my experience in acting and editing, we've brought it to its full potential. Cyclone has even produced various music tracks as themes / jingles for the show that he will post on Newgrounds, so make sure to follow him too! It often takes me up to a month to finish a given episode, but if we have a following, I will feel more inclined to ensure I reach a greater turnout rate.

If we are capable of capturing a loyal audience, who knows how far we will be able to take the show.

After all, it is you, the viewer, that can free us from the depths of anonymity.

Help us bring Genghis Khan back to power.




Posted by NickSenny - December 18th, 2020

Hello all!

I just recently managed to put together a NEW VOICE DEMO for the upcoming NEW YEAR.

You know what they say, New Year, New You. Or, like I say, New Year, New Me.

In an effort to stand out, I applied stereo voice work. You'll hear layers of characters throughout.

This allows for additional acting and story depth; it also allowed me to better practice sound design.

For fun, I based parts of the script on my previous important works such as "PiraTeam Building" and "The Amalgamation."

My close friend and co-host of The Open Door Policy, @cyclonebreitmayer covered "The Entry of the Gladiators" for the final part of the demo.


View on Newgrounds

View on Twitter

View on YouTube



Posted by NickSenny - December 8th, 2020

The door is now open. Come on in.

The Open Door Policy has debuted on Newgrounds this December 8th.

The Open Door Policy Podcast

Two young males attempting to make a rather bland podcast are derailed once the Mongolian mongoloid emperor formerly known as Genghis Khan resurrects and overtakes their studio in an attempt to regain relevancy in today's current society. The knocking will not stop until they make their way to the top.

[Season 1, Episode 1] - Awakening

Instead of bothering themselves with the increasingly disastrous storm within their suburban neighborhood, two delinquents attempt to revive their old college radio show. Unbeknownst to both Cyclone and Senny, their low-quality broadcast is not the only artifact being brought back to life. Following an unexpected visit from a rather "old" friend, the two disc jockeys attempt to escape from his powerful, yet uneducated, grasp.

Featuring @nicksenny and @cyclonebreitmayer

Listen in today to the "ream-assed" Episode 1.

You can listen to Episodes 2 & 3 on Spotify and iTunes.

They will be soon uploaded to Newgrounds upon slight alterations.

Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter...

Or face the wrath of the great conqueror.

The sickness is upon us.




Posted by NickSenny - December 4th, 2020

Hello all,

I wanted to take the time to introduce myself here formally after having taken part in some important projects.

First off, I'd like to thank the community for offering such a kind and open platform for myself and other talents like me.

I sincerely appreciate each and every person who listened in to the 2020 Newgrounds Voice Acting Collaboration. I was heavily involved in production with editing and sound design, outside of voicing skits.

Previous Works

My name is Nicholas / NickSenny and I have been trying to make a name for myself here in the community.

  • I've managed to get first place by 20 (193/200) points in the NG Voice Acting Competition 13 with my Amalgamation skit.
  • I was lucky enough to voice in the @BoyPorcelain animation, Occupied, that was placed third in the NG Spooktacular.
  • I voice Pink (and Lime) in Two in the Pink, one of the many outstanding Among Us animations.
  • I voice the character Jimmy in the upcoming Steam release (Dec 8th) of Space Raiders in Space.
  • I am in conversation with @Alucard to voice the villain in his newest game, Lost in Hell.
  • I have a voice-acting based comedy-narrative ""podcast"" called "The Open Door Policy."
  • I currently have 60+ 5 star reviews on Fiverr.

For additional details on other work, either view my profile or my website here. Please consider following.

(Please note, my website is currently in the works. It's recently facing issues with my Instagram feed.)

Collaboration / Voice Acting Opportunities

I am curious if there any animators or game designers that would like to collaborate.

I'd love to offer my voice for any of your projects. You can view a demo reel here.

Please also consider listening to all of the other work on my profile.

I am going to work on a new, updated reel for 2021.


My equipment is a Rode NT1A with a Scarlett 18i8 interface, as well as a home-made 7 foot gobo to prevent reverb.

Social Media


The Open Door Policy



In college, I was the Head Manager of our internet based radio station. In addition to managing shows and programming music, I also recorded and edited professional commercials for businesses like California Pizza Kitchen and D'Allesandro's Steaks. I've also recorded and edited video interviews with talents such as Kofi Carter, Taina Asili, and the Philadelphia based band, Cassettes. I acted as the Stage Manager in my high school's theatre, as well, running the soundboard during plays and presentations / assemblies.

I sincerely would love to make audio editing, voice acting, or sound design my full time job if given the opportunity. I'd hope to make that a possibility with the help of this Newgrounds community.


The Open Door Policy

As mentioned previously, I have created and am continuing to produce episodes for a comedy audio narrative "podcast." The first three episodes are currently up on Spotify and iTunes. I am going to be remastering the first two episodes before I upload them all here on Newgrounds. This personal project is close to me, as it allows me to work with my lifelong friend to make our creative visions a reality. It originally started as a radio show at my college (my first opportunity to experiment with voice acting), with this version being an updated reboot. My co-host is @cyclonebreitmayer who works on producing royalty free and personal music compositions.

What is ODP?

Two young males attempting to make a rather bland podcast are derailed once the Mongolian mongoloid emperor formerly known as Genghis Khan resurrects and overtakes their studio in an attempt to regain relevancy in today's current society. The knocking will not stop until they make their way to the top.

Every episode, we have a new "guest" that we will interview in an unlikely environment. All for the purpose of helping the one and only Genghis Khan taste power once again. Each episode has full thought put into the storyline, jokes, and sound design. Eventually, I would hope that we could have other voice actors guest star on the show. Genghis is particularly fond of being interviewed, as well. So, if you need a rambunctious conqueror to spice up your podcast, let us know.

Look forward to The Open Door Policy being released on Newgrounds in the very near future. Until then, feel free to tune in through the links above.


Thank you one and all, especially if you are reading this. I see a bright future ahead that would not be possible without all of you. Once more, feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to collaborate. I'd like to personally thank @VoicesByCorey | @JoshDytonVO | @Fro for being absolute uncut gems of friends in this whole process.

Best regards,

Nicholas / NickSenny